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The Ultimate Side Hustles For real estate agents & real estate investors...

Discover the hustles and easier ways to add on another income stream...(Some even able to replace a full time job)

Why Get A Side Hustle?

Here Is Why!

Most millionaires have multiple streams of income. With being a real estate agent or investor, most people realize real quick that their cashflow can become "Spotty"... They're waiting to cash their big commission checks but would love to add on even more and a consistent type of income to keep them a float in this business. 

What To Look Out For

Below you will see a breakdown and explanation of each one of these high paying side hustles. An important thing for you to decide is that if you find one you like then ACTUALLY take action on it. Most people are stuck talking about all the things they're going to do but they never do them...

Top Rated Side Hustles For Real Estate People...

#1 Rated
real estate side hustle

Start Your Own High Paying Credit Repair Business

Here is one A LOT of people overlook! Probably because they think it's hard BUT it's a lot easier than you think... You're already in the real estate space and credit is HUGE  in this industry so why not make money off it?

It works like this...

 People will charge a monthly amount to fix someones credit and have them on for anywhere between 3-6+ months at let's say $79/mo.

 They have a set goal of how many people they want to work with a month. Let's make it the 100 clients a month goal.

 100 Clients x $79= $7,900/mo $$$ recurring..... Most people will charge an initial setup cost too of $97 or so. 

 Let's say you got 30 clients your first month, the setup cost alone that you'll charge them would make you $2,910.... Then there's the reoccurring after that.

 So hopefully you see now why people can make a ton of money from this easy to setup business!

  • Credit repair allows you to make a monthly recurring income. 
  • The market for credit repair is MASSIVE.
  • Almost everyone at some point needs some credit repair done.
  • This business can be ran from anywhere which means you'll have spare time to keep working on the things you love. 

In order to do this business you will need the right training and tools  to have a flood of customers coming to you. So if you want to learn how to do this business or see how people are making so much money from it then check it out below.  

real estate side hustles
#2 Rated
real estate side hustles

FundWise Partner

Did you know you can get paid FAT checks (Average $800-$1,000) by simply referring someone over who needs a loan for their business? You don't need any licensing or anything special with this company.

  • Real Estate Investors who need money to flip a house, etc.
  • Someone who is needing a loan to start a business.
  • Anyone who is looking to borrow money to start or grow a business!

If you want to get big paydays by referring someone over then go below to see how you can sign up. 

#3 Rated

Loan Signing Agent

 This was a pretty secret side hustle in the real estate space for quite awhile until recently... (Agents didn't even know this and they see them all the time)

What a LSA (Loan Signing Agent) does is this...

 Have you ever been to a real estate closing and there is the person there who is in charge of getting all the paperwork signed/loan documents?

 That's usually a LSA...They are brought in to fulfill this job at closings. Here is the fun part about this that LSA's love...

 They can get paid anywhere from $75-$250 per closing for about an hours worth of work!

 So they're sitting at home and when they get the opportunity for a closing, they can print out all the necessary documents and head over to the closing. Some LSA's can make $300-$1,000 a day if they're really focusing on this full time.

Here are some things to know before pursuing this side hustle though.

  • This is an awesome side hustle but it does require traveling and also getting a specific certification in some cases. 
  • You will need some printing tools and supplies because you have to print out anywhere from 50-100+ papers to take to signing. 
  • There are also state laws you need to become familiar with & also you need to know how to properly fill out the paperwork and so forth...
  • That's where the training below comes in if you are interested in learning more about this side hustle and are wanting to see how people have turned this into a full time job. 

Don't Hesitate, Get Started With One Today!

If you're looking for a side hustle that can become a full time business and you want the freedom then the credit repair training that is rated #1 is your best option. 

It has the best opportunity to become a quickly high paying side hustle but just like anything in life, if you're not willing to put the work in then nothing will happen for you. 

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