Vacant Property List

You're here because you're looking for a vacant property list or even a property list of tax delinquent, absentees, out of state or even banked owned/REO data. As all of these are typically property owners who need to sell quickly because they're losing money owning a vacant property and can be an ABSOLUTE gold mine for real estate investors.

Important Update On Vacant Property Lists - The Gold Mine Lead Source

Recently, investors have been trying to access a free list of vacant properties, some have been able to but here is the problem that they're facing...The lists are out of date!

You can register with name, email and more for the USPS vacant property list database of all the real estate registered with HUD, but the information is typically out of date along with a lot of information is typically missing or it's pricey to get.

Nothing is worse than wasting time or a lot of money getting the list or even sending mailers out when the list isn't even updated!

Here is the good news though and here's what the smart REI pros are using now to get this updated list of vacant homes, making it easy finding vacant leads and saving massive amounts of time.

They're using this software to access updated vacant property list, tax delinquent properties, bank owned/Foreclosure, property owner information via skip trace and more. You can even use it to search things like "vacant house near me" to find leads close by.

This tool is a must have for those who do deals all over the U.S. or virtual wholesaling.

The software is even an all in one marketing platform where you can skip trace the vacant property list then actually text the property owners, send mailers and more directly from the dashboard.

How To Find Vacant Houses

top tools investors include in their REI business to find these types of lists of ideal properties nationwide, can be found below.


When you're finding vacant properties, address, name ,email, phone number etc, you'll have all the info you need to reach out to the seller.

Now another extremely important feature is the property evaluator so you can get a good idea of the kinds of price points in the market or the value of the properties in the area so when you're presenting your offer to a seller, you'll back it with data and be knowledgable on the area and price points to give you an idea of your profit margins.

This sort of vacant data has made investors millions over the years as it tends to be some of the hottest and most motivated leads to get. It's just a matter of finding the properties and reaching out before your competition does. 

Freedomsoft Real Estate Software - The Secret Weapon Of Investors

You can hop on over to my Freedomsoft review here to check it out or check out the killer demo at the button below to access it and to try it out risk free.

Freedomsoft currently doesn't have a free trial but it does have a 30-day money back guarantee to make it risk free for you.

But when you're finding more deals and properties than you can handle and getting flooded by vacant property owners, data, a list that's got the hottest leads with the few clicks of a button, then you'll understand why real estate investing beginners and pros have been using this software for so long.

Everyone knows a vacant property list or even tax delinquent or REO properties can be a real massive opportunity to do many many deals in your market.

Get the vacant list. Get the address. Gather the name, phone and other data from the list, then you're off to the races.

You can be an address away from a life changing deal.


Vacant houses can be one of the most profitable types of real estate leads you can get because these properties are typically bleeding money from the owners pockets.

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