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Did you know there's a tool to help real estate investors maximize profit on their deals? If you’re a wholesaler, house flippers, or rehabber then you’ll want to see why Rehab Valuator is used by many and you can even have a free account that they’re giving away to my readers. 

You may have seen this software deal on social media, Youtube , Facebook or from people on a real estate investing forum. You can actually get started with a limited time FREE account at the button below as a thank you for visiting this page. 

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Rehab Valuator Reviews

Rehab Valuator is a house flipping software made specifically for real estate investing that you can access via a computer or through the app. It’s easy to use, wholesalers love it and will calculate offers and do a deal analysis (arv) in seconds to make sure you’re maximizing cash flow.

This software will help you to determine your rehab repair costs, max allowable offer for purchase price of your deal and more.


Wholesalers and rehabbers love this software because it gives them market data on what they need to buy the properties they’re looking at in order to generate the maximum cash flow for rental properties or for a flip. 

This tool helps to do deal analysis in the following areas: 

  • Wholesalers - Save time by weeding out bad deals and know how to quickly price your deal for a quick flip to your buyers.
  • Rehab & Hold - This software will help you determine quickly if your deal will make a good rental. 

  • Fix & Flip - You can take a look at different financing options, know what you’ll make on a flip, help determine rehab cost to repair and use it as a project management software too.
  • Buy & Hold - Helps to break down which of your properties will have the best ROI and put the most money in your pocket.

Doing the proper research and getting the right data will help you to have an intelligent game plan and know what the best exit strategies will be for each deal. 

There are also resources along with extra training from Daniil Kleyman the founder of Rehab Valuator.

They have some great Wholesaling training courses too. 

Rehab Valuator Wholesaling

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Rehab Valuator Software - Marketing Materials

As an investor, your business runs off of being able to market and close deals. R.V. has a marketing section where you can blast out great looking property flyers to your buyers instantly via email or to post onto social media so you can get that phone ringing and profit into your pocket.

You can also post your wholesale contracts/properties on their “Find deals” site, so a large network of buyers will be able to see it quickly and offer cash or other financing options if they’re interested in it.

Another great feature is the funding deal area. A lot of investors will try to acquire loans for a deal. 

With this easy to use tool, you will be able to generate professional level funding proposals for when you need private money or hard money for deals, flips or repair costs.

This can help make it easier for investors to get the funds they need to do multiple projects or rehab (s). This can be the main piece to most flippers business as they don’t have to come out of pocket any or much money for the purchase price.

Rehab Valuator Price 

R.V. has a few different pricing options for you to choose from.

Click the button to see the differences between each plan.

This tool has an offer for annual plans to save 32% on their memberships.

Rehab Valuator Alternatives & Competitors

There’s not a whole lot of alternatives to RV because it does very specific things designed for the real estate entrepreneur.  

Here are a couple other software tools that are slightly similar to this version. 

You can check out my review of one of the top tools that some investors are using in their business to do more than 100 transactions a year to generate motivated seller leads on auto-pilot.

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