Ultimate Breakdown Of Investor Carrot Offers And Real Estate Websites

What would 1-50+ organic motivated sellers leads a month do to your business?

If you’ve landed on this investor carrot review and you’ve been thinking about getting an investor carrot website from the founder Trevor Mauch’s company, then you will LOVE this post. Be sure to go through everything in this article as you

will see case studies, demo’s, website templates, pricing, common questions, the power of inbound lead generation and more so you can make the decision on whether or not this website provider is for you…(I’ll even show you the 6-figure blueprint if you stick around)

Who Are Carrot Sites Built For?

To answer this question, put simply, carrot websites are for real estate professionals who need a real estate investor website (usually wholesalers or house flipper ) land investor and real estate agents who need a high converting new website and from one of the best in the real estate industry. They call it agent carrot for the agent side. You can check out my agent carrot review post by clicking on the “Real Estate Agents” tab if you’re currently a real estate agent. 

Investor carrot websites are for any investor or agent wanting to scale their business and generate leads. You’ll see why the pro’s use this company and why they all love it. (Bigger profit margins) 

This is going to be even more important if you currently have a site because over 90% of websites are underperforming, if performing at all. 

Investor Carrot Review & Agent Breakdown

Just a few of the awesome features your Investor Carrot websites comes with and check out more investor carrot reviews on their website.  


  • Conversion focused website design to track where leads are coming from.  
  • Your own CRM + professional email address.
  • 1-3 Websites loaded with features.
  • Weekly mastermind calls.
  • Campaign tracking links & SEO keyword rankings tracker to help generate free leads.
  • Landing page builder + plugins+  name, email and more contact submission forms to generate leads.
  • HIGH converting squeeze pages & website templates. 
  • Grade A customer service. 
  • Done for you blog post articles.*
  • AND MORE...All for Carrot website members. 


  • Conversion focused website design to track where traffic is coming from.
  • Carrot's lead manager CRM.
  • Site options loaded with features.
  • All Carrot websites are highly mobile optimized to generate leads.
  • Top notch support to answer questions & tracking. 
  • Professionally written and done or you blog posts content package..
  • Carrot IDX with property information forms & real estate listings.
  • Quality website theme types + plugins.
  • AND MORE...

If you’re somebody who is looking to get more leads, whether it’s more motivated seller or buyer leads, then a highly optimized Investor Carrot website might be for you. Another important thing to keep in mind is that these sites come SEO optimized. What does that mean in simple terms?

Well that means that the whole goal of your site is to eventually get ranked high in search engines (Like the big G) so you can bring in money making traffic organically. That’s passive leads coming to YOU!

Their SEO keywords rankings tracker helps with that along with them doing their SEO best practices on the sites and really creating that SEO juice to crush the competition!

But this doesn’t happen overnight…If you’re the kind of person who thinks they’ll rank day 1 with their pages, wordpress website and content, then that’s most likely not going to happen. SEO is a long term game and when done right…You can really crush all your competition around you and that is why so many are switching to a Carrot site because they come SEO optimized with every plugin ready to go on the back end and you don’t have to worry about building or coding a custom wordpress website like web developers do.

Also don’t have to do other competitive and expensive things like direct mail or blasting text messages… You can definitely add those to your arsenal but don’t rely on just 1 traffic source. Direct mail is an absolute gamble in a lot of cases. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or read of people spending $2-$5k on a campaign with not a phone call.

What you can do though is put your website (investor carrot) URL on the mailer pieces so that way your leads can visit your site which means it will build more trust, credibility and authority so you can help yourself to close more deals. The real estate investing (REI) industry is seen as scammy to most homeowners eyes because of all the “fly by night” type of businesses. 

So the ones who can create trust, credibility and authority will come out on top. 

Real Estate Investor Website

In today's online world, if you're running a business and you DON'T have a website then you're losing out on leads!!!
Even worse is that if your competitors have a website then not only do you need one but you need a BETTER one!

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In today's online world, if you're running a business and you DON'T have a website then you're losing out on leads!!!

Even worse is that if your competitors have a website then not only do you need one but you need a BETTER one!

Investorcarrot Website Examples – Top Ranked Video For You To See

Here is a very popular tutorials video I made of a of a live carrot website template for real estate investing, showing the platform so you can see how it all operates, how it can help your business and what one looks like. This carrot website example video will show you:

  • Ease of use and how simple the website is with built in landing pages.
  • The purpose and capabilities of the website and how it’s built for conversions and lead generating customizations to get results.
  • This way you can capture the lead and in addition, stay in constant contact with an email service. 
  • How to use the website for lead generation for sellers/ cash buyers and to drive traffic.
  • No experience building company websites needed. It’s idiot proof.
  • Why having a site built for search engine optimization is ideal (Without you having to handle all the SEO stuff or heavy content marketing.
  • Keyword tracking for search rankings, your money keywords and target location so sellers can find your website organically on the search results.
  • Heck, you could even be an investor carrot website away from your next big deal and dominating your cities/market. 
#1 Investor Carrot Review

See why the top investors are using Carrot sites to crush the competition and do more deals every year with ease.

How Much Does Investor Carrot Cost? 

Carrot sites have a few different paid subscription pricing plans, all are on a amount per month basis. All come with incredible support.

For the real estate investor:

  • The Core plan costs $69/Month.
  • The Content Pro Plan Costs $99/Month.
  • The Advanced Marketer Plan Costs $199/Month.

For Agent Carrot:

  • Content Pro Cost $99
  • Advanced Marketer Costs $199.

InvestorCarrot Discounts – How To Get 6 Months Free

You can check out the 6 figure investor webinar training where Oncarrot will offer a 6 month free package when purchasing a yearly plan. 

Investor carrot plans

Price list

Website Features

Check Best investor carrot price

Core Plan


1 High Converting  Site, CRM manager, contact forms Great support.

Content Pro


3 High Converting Sites, CRM, Group coaching calls, contact forms Automated Articles Blog Library.

Advanced Marketer

Most Popular 


Everything in pro + Premium automated articles blog library, 1:1 Marketing strategy reviews, Campaign tracking links... Premium site designs, phone support and MORE...

Does Investor Carrot Have A Trial?

 Here is the best part about it and a big reason I made this website review. You have 30- days after you sign up to take the site for a test drive, drive traffic, create content, create landing pages and play around with it. If in that 30 day period you think it won't help you out then they will refund you. Super simple. Money back guarantee. No property manager required.

In that time you have access, you should drown yourself in all the info, resources, trainings, ask questions, learn the process and really build it all out. Think about it like this, you're creating a digital asset. you're taking up real estate on google when you have a well built and optimized site ranking on google. 

For people (professionals or newbies) who really take the time to build this out, tend to see better results long term. There's a reason behind why the pros are on a different level when it it comes to how many deals they do a year. Just look at the testimonials on Carrot's site and you'll see why someone like yourself, will benefit from setting up an account, using their websites and growing your business. 

Remember the 6 figure investor carrot training webinars I told you about in the beginning?

If you want to see some of the strategies that a few top investors are using to do 100+ DEALS A YEAR (That's a lot of money) then here is your chance. 

Carrot Wholesaling – The Secret Weapon Of The Top Investors

An investor carrot website is extremely popular among the wholesaling and among the real estate investors community. It’s like their digital “We buy houses” website sign that sellers can find 24/7 when properly optimized. It’s their best lead generation tool. 


Here is a list of all the features you could use your real estate website site for as it’s not just for wholesalers:

  • You can have separate sites/pages made specifically to get leads of the big money buyers for the area you promote in. 
  • Use them to generate leads for house flipping. Getting those "need to sell" seller leads calling your phone number in your target area is a game changer. 
  • You could use the seller leads to do creative deals. Maybe owner financing, lease options, building out your rental properties portfolio and more. 

All The Awesome Resources

Carrot offers a lot of resources for you to take your business to the next level. Here is the list of their most popular:

  • Popular SEO Keyword Bible.
  • 3 Leads Per Day Training. Investor carrot Free Business Plan.
  • 6 Figure Webinar Training. 
  •  The Summit where a ton of pros come on and explain what's working best for them, how they're doing 100 + deals a year (some of them) and so on. Extremely popular!
  • 7 Free Craigslist Ad Templates for you to start generating leads.
  • You can also join the investor carrot 30 day Authority Builder Challenge.
  • And more...

Some Unique Way’s To Utilize This Digital Asset 

I’m getting 2x more motivated seller leads with Carrot than my old site, and the tools and content help me stand out in my crowded market."

Tyler Ford completed his year-long goal of generating $200,000 in just four months by switching to Carrot.
Learn how he did it – and how you can too.

Tyler Ford

Investor Carrot Member

  • Running online advertisements via Facebook or using Google ads. This is where investor carrot campaign tracking links tool comes in.
  •  Did you know you can run ads and target them to specific locations and demographics? This way you only have your ideal type of person looking at the ads.
  • Ever heard of retargeting? Did you know that if you run an ad online and if somebody clicks on the site and doesn't fill in the contact form, you could retarget that person as much as you want!? You can even retarget them based on a specific pages they visited!
  •  POWERFUL. Utilizing a Facebook pixel or other tracking code. The Guys and team at Carrot helps you with this too!
  • Ranking your blog articles and blog posts on your site so you can rank highly in search engines. (Carrot offers their content pro or advanced marketer plan where they write and post these for you) Also have keyword tracking to help with this.
  • I've seen people before post their investor carrot site in the local buy, sell, trade or garage sale groups on Facebook and get interested people that way!

Starting With A Domain Name

investor carrot

I like recommending to choose a local domain name, unless if you're doing deals nationwide. . Here is a couple examples of great domains for your viewers to see:

  • Local domain example- (Your city)homebuyer . com
  • Personal branding or company type - (Yourname) homebuyer . com 

You can also head over to google and type in "Domain generator". It's a really useful tool and you can see a big list of catchy domains.

Then there is the blogging....

Investor carrot

Blogging= High Quality Leads! 

How To Turn Your Blog Into Leads

This is where everyone gets a little afraid or caught up on is the blog side of things. They have no clue what to write about. How to write to posts in a way where they can start ranking for the keywords they want too and more.

The content marketing strategy.

This is what sets investor carrot apart with these features because, depending on which plan you do, they will write the posts and great content for you and really build out your digital asset for you by writing relevant and high ranking SEO optimized content. Which means more potential prospects that will visit your website and turn into leads. Those are the small details that can change businesses. The content.

What Makes Oncarrot Different From Other Similar Services?

There are quite a few different services or softwares out there that do similar to what investor carrot does. There are some that only charge a one time fee (But lack support, no content and a lot of features). 

Faster Results

The real estate industry is a fast moving machine and for the people working in it, they need to be faster. Most professionals don't have time to sit around and develop websites or write optimized content for it. 

carrot website example

At the end of the day, if you're TRULY serious about your business, then you'll see why all the  investors and agents choose investor carrot websites over all the other services. Easy to use and they work.

What Does Real Estate Vitamins Rate Investor Carrot?

#1 Rated


There are only a few companies out there that do what oncarrot does. I can confidently say that they're the best at what they do and have the results to prove it. There is a logic behind why some of the biggest people in the industry use them and now it's time for you too. 

This article contains affiliate links which I will be compensated for if you decide to buy at no additional cost to you.The affiliate relationship with Carrot allows me to provide you with the best offers and information to help you out.