What Exactly Is It?

The Investor Carrot 3 leads per day review training is designed to “Get 1-3 Motivated Seller Leads Per Day Into Your Investing Business”. That may sound crazy if you’re someone not currently bringing in hot motivated seller leads but it can definitely happen and here is how.

Does The 3 Leads Per Day Training From Investor Carrot Work?

investor carrot 3 leads per day review

The simple answer, yes. The 3 leads per day training from investor carrot works extremely well when done properly. It utilizes a strategy that most investors are completely missing out on and if people aren’t doing this in your area (or doing it but poorly) then you can really clean up with this strategy.

The training is broken down into 8 modules and mainly teaches the unique SEO strategies to dominate your market and beat the competition. Everything thing from running paid ad’s to ranking your Investor Carrot site high in the search rankings.

I will tell you up front that this training is definitely not for people who are lazy. Carrot breaks the training down into actionable steps and does require the work on your end. Everyone who has followed this training to a tee has seen results with it. Theres no reason you wouldn’t be able to too if you followed the plan that’s laid out.

This training is something that is helping investors crush it in their target markets. It’s a night and day difference for a lot of their businesses whether they’re brand new or experienced.

Module Breakdown

To get a detailed idea of what’s in the modules and the details on how you’ll use them, is better explained on the page here.

Investor Carrot breaks down the 3 leads per day training like this:

  • Getting Started With SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword Research. This is where you find the best money making keywords that you want your site to rank for.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization. This is where Carrot breaks down exactly how the structure of your sites and pages should be laid out.
  • Off Page SEO. Generating backlinks and knowing how to get your site ranking high in google is a valuable skill to learn.
  • Then theres more, like learning how to secretly dominate with Youtube, how to outsource everything, know all the insider tools investors are keeping hidden to get ahead.

Section 2 Is Where The Big Money Happens

In section 2 of the 3 leads per day training, Carrot teaches all about exactly how to use PPC (Pay per click) and this is literally a way where you could setup a campaign in the morning and start getting motivated seller leads by that night.

Seriously, this is a strategy most big investors don’t talk about because…They don’t want anyone else to know about it because it works so well!

Almost all of them say that the profit margins from online leads like this are always higher. They also say that the leads they get convert into deals way more than with any other sort of lead source.

How To Get It Along With Special Offers

If you’re a real estate investor or agent and for some odd reason aren’t using an Investor Carrot site, then click the button to see if it’s right for you. Also, sometimes after signing up for a site, Carrot offers specials for things like the 3 leads per day training.

Even if it’s not on discount, it’s still absolutely worth it. It’s one of those skills I wish I would of learned a lot sooner than I did.

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