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You'll see why in this Freedomsoft review, this tool is a major need in your wholesaling and real estate investing business along with a few other secret real estate investing software weapons I'll mention.

They're used by a lot of the huge investors doing multiple closings per month and some investors even doing hundreds of deals per year! (Big Money!)

If using a software like Freedomsoft worries you then you should take a look at the tool below that investors are using to get nan insane amount of motivated seller leads. 

So make sure you read through this article to learn the key strategies and softwares that are working in the best way so you can use them in your real estate business. Anyone in real estate can add this into their business whether it's wholesaling, house flipping, options and more. Lets get started.

I have a quick question for you. Do you feel like getting highly motivated real estate seller leads is the easy part for you? If you answered no then no worries, because you'll see how to change that today with this software with one of the best Freedomsoft reviews and to see how this can help to grow your real estate business.

Freedomsoft Review: Here's The Facts

Freedomsoft is a real estate investor software that accesses the USPS database of a massive amount of potential seller leads in a matter of seconds. Over 7 million vacant houses, tax delinquent, absentee & out of state owners along with banked owned/REO properties. All types of real estate of the most motivated sellers typically.

Freedomsoft even gives you access to over 2 million cash buyer leads and 800,000+ private lender leads all across the nation which makes this investing software one of the top lead generation methods for a real estate investors business.

All of that in the click of a button here and there. 


*Quick Tip*.... Wholesalers love using this software because they can find, skip trace and contact thousands of sellers in a day, find out quickly which ones are motivated, then find the cash buyers in that area using the software and message them directly from Freedomsoft, then do transactions at a very rapid rate.

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Extremely powerful and an extremely easy to use tool.

Not only can you access over 100+ Million US owners nationwide but Freedomsoft is also a marketing platform and CRM you can use for your real estate investing business, where you can send email/SMS broadcast directly to the sellers. There are many more features that allow you to easily reach them.

You can even use the built in direct mailing feature, or like mentioned before you can find these properties and send them a text within seconds to create a huge amount of qualified wholesaling leads that way.

Imagine finding a property that's a good deal, finding the owners real information like name, email, phone number very quickly through the skip tracing in the system, then sending them a quick text to see if they're interested in selling all within a matter of minutes...

Now take that and do that 100 or even 1,000 times a day and see how many deals you could put together. All without ever leaving the house or waiting days for a direct mail piece to get there in hopes they'll call you back.

You could find a potential wholesaling lead in Corpus Christi Texas while living in FL!

That's why I made this Freedomsoft review and other reviews because this is just one of those products/a system that every Realtor and real estate investors should know about.

It's a real estate investing software that anyone can use and is something that can tremendously propel real estate businesses especially wholesaling.

Freedomsoft even has features like:

  • lead intake forms to capture name, email and information.
  • Email marketing system.
  • Text message marketing to get quicker responses.
  • Property valuation software and nationwide detailed map access.
  • CRM software so you can start to build a great amount of motivated sellers to follow up with.
  •  Powerful document/contract generating system resources.
  • Built in website integration for you to capture leads and use for social media sites.
  • Constant feedback updates to make user experience simple and affective for everyone and more.

Top Secret Ninja Technique...

If you know how to run ad's online, you can actually capture data from visitors on your website and be able to retarget them based on exactly what pages they looked at or opted in to.

Why would you want to do this? Here's why:

  • You can add a tracking pixel to your site for either FaceBook or google ad's so you can retarget the people who have visited your site. (Even specific url's) Retargeting doesn't cost a lot of money and is extremely powerful. 
  • Also, having a high converting and professionally done real estate site like this company provides for investors will allow you to build more trust and authority than just some random person sending a text or email asking to buy their house.

So if I was a seller interested in selling and landed on your site that was professionally done, then I'd feel more like you could actually help me with the property...

But now, if you're doing retargeting, as a seller if I keep seeing an ad popup for your company about buying houses then I become nurtured in a sense and will be more inclined to use you to help me with my real estate issue.

Kind of like a digital bandit sign that keeps popping up everywhere.

Sounds simple right? But most fail to do this. It's this information that's the difference between someone never doing a deal in their life and investors doing hundreds of transactions. 

We've grown from 20 deals per year to averaging 50 deals and 10 rehabs with a team of 8 virtual partners in 3 states. Freedom$oft has been our secret weapon and an indispensable tool. There is no better product out there period. 

Dean Bardino

Direct from FreedSoft's website.

Where Does Freedomsoft Pull Data?

Freedomsoft pulls data from the national updated USPS list. This list is typically very pricey to get for an investor and more importantly you need an updated one. This software gives you access to millions of these homes at the click of a few buttons.

Very powerful tool to have as an investor especially when you realize how quickly sales can be done using this software.

Lead generation can happen fast with this software and in the demo you'll see how some users are able to get big paydays quickly.

It's like driving for dollars on steroids because you don't even have to leave the house and you can access way more properties versus driving around and finding a property here and there.

Also, a lot of times I always hear how a lot of the free lead gen methods are so saturated and people complain about the competition or even getting beat to all the good opportunities.

Makes you wonder why someone would waste time and gas driving all around town when you could go about it in a smarter way using freedomsoft and find 100x more properties of motivated sellers in the click of a few buttons...

I'm not saying driving for dollars doesn't work, in fact here is a post I did about a unique software to use for it, but direct mail can become pricey using this method versus being able to text or reach to the sellers a lot faster...

Are you starting to see how some investors are able to do hundreds of transactions a year while most never do 1?

Freedomsoft Software Demo

If you want to see this powerful Freedomsoft software product in action then you need to click the image below to see just how powerful this tool is because as a real estate investor, your business only flows well when you have leads.

No leads=No money. Freedomsoft software will give you more opportunities than you can handle.

This Freedomsoft review demo will blow you away with the information and you'll see how this can possibly 10x your business and get you to hitting your profit goals quicker than you thought you would.


Freedomsoft Pricing

Freedomsoft price ranges depending on what promos they have when you join them. I'll link here to their best offer and keep it updated for my readers. Click the button below for best offer and the best bang for your buck investment option.

*Updated* I'll link to the updated video demo above where you can get the better Freedomsoft review offer.

Freedomsoft program cost:

  • Basic $97/mo...Includes 1 website.
  • Plus $197/mo...3 websites and multiple user access.
  • Max is currently offered for $197 through the link here... Hands down the best offer for your business.
  • All with a 30-Day money back guarantee.

If you're a new user then visit the link to go to the Freedomsoft login page. You also can't beat a money back guarantee!

More Freedomsoft Review Features That You'll Love

Freedomsoft also comes with a deal analysis and reports feature. This way when you're finding motivated sellers, you'll be able to quickly look up comps to review in the system nationwide.

 This saves a tremendous amount of time and really streamlines the process to help you get deals done quicker.

Having something like this in the past helped me very quickly get an idea of what a property was worth and what sort of offer to put on it. It can be the best tool in wholesaling because you have to get the numbers right. 

Freedomsoft also has other features in this area including:

  • Local Market Repair Estimates.
  • Rental & Rehab Analysis Reports.
  • Systemwide DNC (do not call) list report. Freedomsoft keeps up to date.
  • Construction Management Software.
  • And More.

You can easily review all of these reports before going further with an owner.

Best Real Estate Investor Software Product

If you have read any other of my review posts on this site on real estate investing then you'll see the other types of real estate investor software that I recommend. After all, some are responsible for helping a few investors do over 100 deals a year.

Find out more about that in this Investor Carrot Review Post and the free 6 figure training on how they did over 100 deals in a year.

An important thing to know when it comes to choosing a software or a service for your company, whether it's through this Freedomsoft review article, is that everyone operates differently and has a different need.

Article Almost Finished

Some real estate investors like to do online marketing through social media and generating inquires online through either paid advertising (Facebook, google, bing, etc) or SEO (search engine optimization).

This is highly sought after as a lot of investors say the reasons is that their profit margins are a lot higher when a seller comes to them instead of them chasing the seller like most other people in real estate do.

When wholesaling to cash buyers, they tend to buy these quickly making it a great experience for everyone.

Some are strict and just stick to things like cold calling or direct mail. With so many people interested in real estate investing that you see on social media and focusing on wholesaling, many forms of marketing are overplayed and used by too many people.

I remember going to a sellers house and he showed me a stack of about 20 direct mail pieces. He found me through a referral and my site which ended up with me doing multiple transactions with him.

A lot of times it's smart to put yourself in the sellers shoes. If someone were to try the form of marketing you're thinking about using on you, when you needed to sell then how would you feel about it?

I've seen many people in real estate wholesaling who will spend $2,000-$4,000+ on direct mail to end up not doing a deal or barely making a profit on one. That's risky, especially if you don't know how to properly target the right properties.

Wrap Up

Overall if you're wholesaling or someone who needs more motivated sellers, or even cash buyers in your life (who doesn't as an investor), were talking hundreds of thousands at your finger tips, then looks like Freedomsoft is a software you should at least give a try.

With a lot of very valuable tools like the SMS & email marketing system, this information that Freedomsoft can give when in the right hands can be a money maker.

The CEO Rob Swanson the man who created Freedomsoft seems to have a ton of knowledge and theres not many complaints out there about the tool, especially from the wholesaling community.

Quite a few people are having success with it and like I said, it definitely beats driving for dollars and other slower forms of marketing. This is a software that can be like a steroid for your company.

Freedomsoft not only provides hundreds of thousands of real estate sellers, extremely valuable information, but also comes with a guarantee. Thanks for reading through this Freedomsoft review and best of luck with the integration of this software into your real estate wholesaling business.

*This article contains affiliate links which if you decide to buy through them then I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. This helps support the blog.