Closed over 100 deals a year and it continues to rise. That’s what some real estate investing pros are doing utilizing a sort of “secret weapon” I’ll talk about here shortly. (probably not what you think)

If you’re looking for the best driving for dollars app then this article is for you. I will also introduce to you the secret weapon of the top real estate investors and how some are doing over 100 deals a year with it! That’s a big chunk of change.


Driving for dollars app

What Is Driving For Dollars?

Driving for dollars

Put simply, this form of marketing (d4d) is popular in the real estate investing industry. It involves investors driving neighborhoods in their market, in search of run down or distressed properties and then contacting the homeowner to try an do a deal.

Some great way’s to know if a property is abandoned or distressed is looking for things like tall grass, maybe there are no trash cans down on trash day. Maybe gutters are hanging off or the overall curb appeal of the property is a 2/10. Yikes!

When looking for these properties during your drive, your next step is knowing exactly what to do when you do find one. You will need to know how to find the homeowners information so you can contact them or send them a direct mail piece like others typically do.

That’s where some of these real estate investing apps come into place.

What app would you use for driving for dollars?

There are a couple apps out there that will help you with this. Apps like Landglide or Deal Machine are among the most popular. Right now, DealMachine is giving away 15 free credits to my readers when you use code “RealEstateVitamins” at signup so you can try it out and starts landing some deals.

An important thing to keep in mind is that driving for dollars and sending out mailers can be a very competitive way of doing things as it’s easy to do, which means a lot of investors use this form of marketing when driving neighborhoods in their target market.

It’s all about finding that distressed property that has the potential for you to do a big deal on.

The cool thing about DealMachine that real estate investors love, (other than being the top drive for dollars app) is that the app can track everywhere you go and you can take pictures of any property or address you come across and turn that into a personalized direct mail piece right in the app.

It also has features like:

  • Automated property owner lookup.
  • Direct mail campaigns.
  • Real Estate Lead Management.
  • Driving Route Tracking Map.

You can read my Deal Machine Review so you can see deal machine vs driving for dollars app and get a great idea of how it works and the benefits.

How Much Is The Deal Machine App?

Driving for dollars postcard

Deal Machine has 3 levels:
– Basic at $49/mo.
– Professional at $99/mo.
– Enterprise at $2990/yr.

Get 15 free credits to deal machine when you use code RealEstateVitamins.

Each comes with different features, lead amounts, 1 Deal finder (special feature) etc.

Deal Machine Promo Code

Use the code above for 15 free credits. Just type in “RealEstateVitamins” when signing up, just for being a reader! They also have a lot of free training and strategies for their users before you take your first drive or new drive with a new strategy.

Driving For Dollars Postcard

There are many different ways to do postcards for the property owner. Not knowing what to put on the card, besides the address, is a tough decision. After all, some marketing knowledge and copywriting can help you convert these mailers into deals.

If you’ve ever been to a distressed property and have talked to the homeowner, they might tell you (or show you like they did me) a huge stack of mailers that sent.

Wow! So how do you stick out in the crowded market? By using a very unique postcard/website combo, let’s jump into that secret I mentioned before after this example.

Also, trust plays a major factor in this business. Most people don’t have any sort of website but having a professional website will instantly build trust which will allow you to do more deals and get better leads.

Deal machine has a custom postcard template editor to help you with all this.

Driving for dollars postcard

100 Deals A Year Secret Weapon?

Drum roll please…. There is a free training that breaks this down way better than I can explain in this short blog post.

You can check out my full review of the secret weapon here. If you’re serious about having a successful real estate business then it will definitely be for you.

If you’re not up for reading a popular post then you can go directly to the 6 figure investor training where it breaks down this strategy for you so you can copy it for yourself.

Imagine what doing even 10 more deals a year could do for you? With so many success stories from this company that provides custom websites for investors and agents, it’s a no brainer to be using this service.

A lot of them compare doing mailers or cold calling to having an online marketing strategy and 9/10 love online marketing more, it’s easier, can run 24/7, rank on google and most say their profit margins are A LOT higher while also closing more leads than compared to any other form of marketing that they’re doing.

It’s also less competitive in most markets because people think it’s extremely hard to utilize the strategies to find their next big deal.

Does Driving For Dollars Work?

Taking a drive, find a distressed property in your market, getting the address, skip tracing the seller then reaching out via cold calling, mail, email or whatever form of marketing you want has worked for people in the past.

So yes, it does work but it is something that is saturated in most areas. A lot of other real estate pros are all going for the same addresses.

The important thing to keep in mind is that in order to stick out in a saturated area, you need to have a better/more unique approach to getting the property under contract. However, when you find a deal that can really change your life, you’re going to want to do everything you can to close it down.

The reason I mentioned the secret weapon above about online marketing using a high conversion website, I left out a key thing that can change your business forever.

That specific thing is the fact that when YOU can have homeowners coming to you INSTEAD of you chasing them (like every else, remember the stack of mailers story) you not only will be able to close more of your leads, but the deals become a lot easier to do because they came to you for help.

Most other people are absolutely almost begging these homeowners to do a deal. When you can separate yourself as a professional easy to work with real estate company then that’s what will put you on your way to 100 deals a year.

What is the best way to drive for dollars?

If you are dead set and want to drive dollars in your business then the best manual way to find real estate that is deal worthy for you, then fire up the car and start looking for those distressed properties, get the address and go to work.

Deal machine is hands down the best option for those using this form of marketing. Like I said, try it out and get 15 free credits when you use code RealEstateVitamins when you sign up.

This app will help you track where you’re driving, be able to do all postcard related activities and look up the owners information all in the app. There is a reason real estate teams and pros use this to find and close big profit deals.

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