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Deal Machine App

In this Deal Machine app review article we will go over all the key things you need to know before getting the app, getting in your car and driving for dollars. I also want to show you some pretty secret strategies that the top investors are using to do over six figures in their real estate investing business.(It’s not what you might think it is) You will be able to access the same blueprint and use it for yourself. I’ll explain some advanced things you can do that’s almost like driving for dollars virtually.

UPDATE: DealMachine is offering 5 free credits when you sign up when using the code RealEstateVitamins.

Before diving into it let me explain the whole point of the Deal Machine app and explain what it’s used for! I also want to explain how a lake house property I flipped only happened because I didn’t use a post card mailer.

Deal Machine

Deal Machine is an app built for real estate investors that allows them to take pictures through the app while driving for dollars and it also will tell you all the information on the house like owner and the county property information, etc. Pretty unique app, but I’ll tell you here shortly on what you can do that may work better (or in sync with the app) if you’re not wanting to spend all day driving around and throwing a bunch of money into postcards.

You can also hire a team to do it for you but that can be pretty pricey and may not be the best if you’re just starting out.

Deal Machine App

Driving For Dollars

Driving for dollars is the term used to describe someone who drives neighborhoods, looks for distressed houses then takes down the information so they can reach out to the homeowner about purchasing the house. Typically wholesalers like to drive for dollars and even house flippers. You can also get a driving for dollars app, like the Deal Machine App there are different ones and we will outline the pros and cons.

Driving For Dollars App – Deal Machine App

There are a few driving for dollars apps that I’ve came across. Deal Machine App is a popular one and easy to use BUT that means there is one big thing you need to know. Whenever something is easy, it gets picked up by everyone… When that happens, your competition becomes fierce and things get saturated.

Driving For Dollars VS Cold Calling

This is a common topic among real estate investors. It’s also good to mention that most people are scared to death of cold calling!

  • Cold calling requires thick skin and to be prepared for rejection.
  • Most sellers hate being cold called about their house so it’s a numbers game.
  • So many investors today cold call or have a team that does this so they can do deals that way.
  • The smart way to use cold calling is to also be able to have the sellers visit your custom investor website so you can build trust because real estate investors are among some of the most untrusted profession.

Investor carrot

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The Secret Strategy The Top Investors Are Using

I will dive more into Deal Machine and all that shortly but I know most people reading are eager to hear the strategy and how me NOT using a postcard piece of direct mail, lead me to flipping a lake house for a seller.

At the time, I had a seller reach out to me about getting rid of a house that was run down but was a lake front property. I went over to check it out and see the place. Mold everywhere, definitely needed renovated but had an incredibly nice lakefront view and the houses around it were pricey and also incredible. When I was sitting in the sellers house talking about a plan of action, he showed me a stack of about 15+ direct mail pieces and postcards he got recently (Also said he already threw a bunch away) and was annoyed about them.

He chose me to work with because of the trust factor of looking way more professional. Also, not many people use or promote a website in the Real Estate Investor space so you have a major opportunity if you do it right.

Now I’m not saying direct mail pieces and postcards don’t work. What I’m saying is that since it’s an easy way to do marketing and costly, everyone tries to do it. I remember listening to a bunch of investors talk on using direct mail and on average it would take them close to $5,000 dollars before they actually got a closed deal but it would also give them a slim profit margin. YIKES!!!

Website Vs Driving For Dollars/ Deal Machine

Here is a quick breakdown…

Pros To Having A Site

  • Website helps to build trust and authority for yourself.
  • Can capture leads and sellers can find you online 24/7.
  • You can run ads to target motivated sellers and have them running non stop.
  • It’s like you’re virtually driving for dollars when running online ads.
  • You’re attracting the sellers who WANT to work with you.
  • Statically, online leads and deals have a higher profit margin.
  • With how much competition there is out there, not a whole lot of people are using this strategy.

Cons To Driving For Dollars

  • Direct mail can get expensive and everyone is doing it.
  • You’re trading your time for money (If you get a deal.)
  • You have to drive through and scout out neighborhoods which can cost a lot of time and gas.
  • You need a unique way to stand out from the tons of other mailers these sellers get.


Like I previously stated, I recommend setting up your site first and you can have a ready to go, out of the box SEO & conversion optimized one from the company here. Then I would put the link to your website on the postcard as most investors don’t do this BECAUSE they don’t have a good site.

Do This Instead

This seller found me through a website I had a long time ago. If you want to have a professional real estate investor site done for you (It’s what the top investors are using) then visit oncarrot here.   You can also check out my other post, Investor Carrot Review. Websites allow consumers to build a better sense of trust with you and doesn’t make you look like some fly by night scammy investor.

I tell people that they can run ads (Facebook, google, Bing, etc)  and promote their site all over without ever leaving the house. I also think it would be a way smarter idea to put your website on your postcards your sending as that will make you stand out from the competition. Also, when you can have the sellers come to YOU instead of you chasing them, it makes your life way easier.

Insert Post List

Deal Machine Pricing

Deal Machine pricing list. The Deal Machine App costs per month minus cost per postcard/other costs.

  • $49 For Basic Per Month.
  • $99/mo For Professional.
  • $2,990 Per Year For Enterprise.

Deal Machine Promo Code

If you head over to Deal Machine’s site, go to the chat bubble towards the bottom or reach out to customer service and ask them what deals their running right now and for a promo code for 15 free credits. There will also be instructions on how to use the Deal Machine App and how to download it. I would recommend setting up your professional investor website first. You can also do a free trial of Deal Machine.

Action Steps

Thanks for reading the article. Deal Machine seems to be a good app but it is something that is extremely competitive. So give yourself the edge by getting a business website .

Feel free to check to see if getting a professional real estate investor site is for you. Good luck out there!