leadoptix real estate review

What Does Leadoptix Do?

Their slogan is “Get More Listings With Quality
Leads That Convert. Seller leads sent directly to your inbox” This is a “Claim Your Area” type of service.

They mention no shared leads, no websites (I will talk about this) and no advertising campaigns. Let’s dive into this Leadoptix real estate review.

Let’s Get Right Into This

I will tell you as a disclaimer here that I have not personally used Leadoptix service. The reason I’m writing this Leadoptix real estate review is because this blog goes over all the different types of ways real estate agents and investors can grow their business and what to look out for.

The readers of this site like the fact that I dive into different companies and provide the information to help them make a better decision on services and so on.

So let’s dive into what I’ve found and how agents are really crushing it with some killer strategies right now!

Things I liked And Disliked

When this service was brought to me to check out, I realized something real quick and then thought what you’re probably thinking (and why you’re reading this) is that there really isn’t any reviews out there of people using this service or succeeding with it.

I checked out their facebook page too to see if they had any reviews there but didn’t find anything. My thought on this is if they’re not showing case studies or testimonials on their site home page or facebook page (or anywhere else) then it’s hard for someone to decide to use the service.

If you’ve been in the real estate game awhile then I’m sure this isn’t the first “Claim your area” type of service you’ve came across (or got cold called about).

Investor carrot

Is It Worth The Price?

It’s a little tough to say as I haven’t personally used the service and I’m currently unable to find people who are succeeding with it. I would think that the company would put case studies and testimonials all over the site. The pricing isn’t bad IF it works.

But at the end of the day, it’s tough to get motivated seller leads and start stacking up listing. Unless if you have a proven marketing strategy and do things other agents aren’t doing like the guy in the image below.

A lot of top agents are switching over to a Carrot site and Strategy. Find out more here.

How Much Does Leadoptix Cost?

Basic plan is $149
Plus is $249
Pro is $349

What Smart Agents Are Doing

The trend I’ve seen that all the smart agents are doing, are they’re switching over to a high converting website and online marketing strategy. Sounds hard right?

Like you’ll have to learn how to code, know the psychology of how to setup a website that converts, knowing how to do SEO, paid ads and all that. Well this is why I push agents to check out this company and you can read more on my Agent Carrot Review post.

Because they can help you with all of that and they have a ton of success stories and testimonials!

investor carrot
Having a high converting site is like owning digital real where prospects can find you 24/7.

My Conclusion On This

Most “claim you area” type of services haven’t really panned out for other agents I know that used them. Most say the leads seem to be recycled or non responsive so they didn’t know if they were real or not.

I’m not saying these things happen with Leadoptix but it’s a little bit of a red flag to me if a company has no testimonials or case studies on the front page of their site (or anywhere).

I always think it’s more beneficial to get an SEO friendly site where you can get seller leads through that and it’s like you’re owning a piece of digital real estate where sellers can find you online 24/7.

Hopefully this Leadoptix real estate review helped you out.

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