Loan signing system review

If you’re looking to become a six figure loan signing agent and have been looking into the Mark Wills loan signing system training, or saw it on Facebook, then this loan signing system review is for you. Let’s break down the pros and cons (2 that you’ll really need to know) of the training and what it’s like to actually be a loan signing agent.

What Do Loan Signing Agents Do?

What they do is assist borrowers who are getting a loan from a mortgage company, with filling out all their required documents.

Agents will get paid anywhere from $75-$250 per signing.

They’re there to help with HELOC’s, refinances, adjustable rate, fixed rate, reverse mortgage, seller package and more. 

This business is sort of a hidden gem to make a lot of money in the real estate industry here in the US. 

Do Loan Signing Agents Make Good Money?

In short yes. I’ve seen beginners make over $1,500 their first month, even $8k a month after really using the training from Mark. Some make more or even double-triple their money than what they made in their past full time jobs. 

I’ve even seen someone be able to do that part time. When a loan signing agent is getting a loan signing directly from a title company for example, they will pay you a $150-$250 check per signing.

Can you make a living being a notary

From the LSS site.

Being a notary for loans is one of the most lucrative and best kept secrets of the real estate industry. 

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Can you make a living being a notary?

100%. This step by step course here even shows you how to make six-figures a year doing it.

Getting a signing direct from real estate title companies is the best and the most lucrative way a notary signing agent can grow their businesses. There's a very specific way you'll need to know how to grow your business, especially if you want to do this full time as a notary public.

loan signing system review

From the LSS site.

Many loan signings take about an hour, sometimes more sometimes less for most people. Mark teaches how to get signings done in under an hour. 

Is The Loan Signing System Legit?

Mark Will’s who runs the loan signing system course is said to be the #1 Notary Loan Signing Agent Course. The Loan Signing System is designed to teach people how to build, market and grow a notary public signing agents business.

Mark Wills programs will also help you pass the state certification exam with the national notary association (you’ll also get a loan signing system certification) and you’ll know the exact license information and process to take. 

Is it legit and worth the price? 

100%. Just recently he featured a 23 year old who made $11,000 in a month after going through the loan signing system. Just piling up check after check.

 I’ve been through the training classes, it is very good, a high level of information and has a high success rate if you’re willing to put in the work as a notary signing agent. 

You can actually get the best deal on it here. This link will be updated when offers come up. You can also see the most recent customer reviews people have left on how they’re succeeding with the loan signing system.

Loan Signing System Pros & Cons 

Here are some of the biggest things/complaints you should know about the course and before jumping into the loan signing agent business. You can search bbb business profile for reviews on the course too.

What You Need To Know

Maybe you’re saying “sounds like a good business Real Estate Vitamins!...But what’s the catch?”


  • Not set to one location. You can do loan signings in many different areas.
  • Mark Wills training programs WILL help you to really start and expand your loan signing agent business.
  • Step by step videos, different courses to choose from, outstanding customer reviews and more.
  • You’re a business owner on your own schedule! When you know how to do it correctly, you can choose when and where you want to take on signings.
  • How much you want to make is up to you. When you know how to properly get loan signings, you can really choose how many you want to do.
  • You have access to a massive business community of other agents through the loan signing system program and it’s awesome because you can ask questions, see success stories and get all the help you need.


  • There’s no cons from a customer review aspect for the loan signing system. Mark has put together a fantastic course for everyone wanting to do this. You can see that through bbb business profiles.

  • This does only work in the US.
  • As a loan signing agent, you will be required to drive to all of your signings. Some signings may be at a customers house, a majority will typically be done at a title office. Lot’s of driving involved.

  • Lot’s of printing...After you accept a signing through email, you will be required to print out all the required documents to take to the appointment. This is typically anywhere from 50 to 100+ pages. Inside the signing agent course, Mark will tell you the best and most cost effective ways and tools to use to approach this. Notary rotary is one way.
  • Have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Talk with people or do a little bit of sales work to grow your relationship with title companies to get a consistent flow of the big $200+ signings.
  •  You will need to understand all the different loan documents and each page. Comfortable explaining to all parties the process.  This is why having the proper loan signing agent course is key. 


If you’re willing to put in the work then you will definitely be rewarded. It’s by no means a get rich quick gig. Just like anything worth while, it requires WORK. A go getter state of mind, like there is more to your life.

The only complaint information I can find is from those who thought they could sit on the couch and everything would come to them. 

Mark wills loan signing system

How Long Does It Take To Become A Loan Signing Agent?

You don’t actually need a certification to get your first signing in your state as an agent. Can take up to a few months to get certifications. Now you do want to get certified through the notary commission to really be able to grow and do more business.

Inside the courses, Mark has video training on how and where to get certified with the NNA certification which is $65 and does include a background check. A couple of the biggest title companies require that you have it and it’s good to have to really expand your business where others aren’t. 

You can find out more information on the site. You can also email in to Mark if you have any other questions not answered.

Loan Signing System Cost

Mark has three different courses to get the most for your money. You’ll want to be sure to watch the webinar video, reviews and other videos to make sure this is a good fit for you. 

  • Fundamental 2.0 - Course & certification $197

  • Professional 2.0 - Course & cert $297

  • Six Figure 2.0 (Popular) - Course & cert $497

Some have payment plans too. All through easy to follow videos, community and much more.

Notary2pro vs Loan Signing System

When it comes to comparing the notary 2pro course and Mark with the loan signing system course, they seem to be in two different leagues.

Now I’ve never been through the Notary 2 pro course but after doing my research, it’s extremely clear which seems better for the cost.

Notary 2 pro doesn’t have many review videos on their site that I saw compared to what Mark has. Looks to be a woman from independent notaries in CA and only a handful of others. The loan signing system course has a tremendous amount of reviews and they’re easy to find all over the internet.

Mark even provides a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee!

If you just compare the 2 sites, you’ll see who the obvious winner is. You NEED to make sure that the course you are taking dives heavily into knowing how to properly market yourself, with up to date strategies to crush it as a notary public. 

You can even contact Mark or email him from his site if you have any other questions on the course. He’s truly dedicated and puts a lot of his energy to helping people succeed in this field. 

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