Whether you're brand new or experienced in real estate, you have probably asked yourself this before...How do you introduce yourself as a real estate agent?

There are a lot of psychological things to know for people to remember YOU and your business. Whether it's in person or maybe it's through a phone call.

Did you know you only have about 3 seconds when you call someone to grab their attention and for them to form an opinion of you? that's quick.

These techniques can help even in cold calling in real estate, like FSBO's, Expired's and so on.

There's a lot of sneaky FBI hostage negotiation tips that you can do on calls (or in person) to get people talking and give you more information you thought someone would never give you, while making it so the person will never forget you. We will dive into those!

After all, there are no shortage of real estate agents and most are marketing their business heavily so don't miss your chance to be memorable and make an impact.

As a real estate professional, you want to make sure that you know the best ways to get people to remember you and blow them away with a first impression. Let's get started and I'll introduce you to some sneaky persuasive ways to grow your company real fast as a real estate agent.

"Building relationships and connecting with people seems like a lost art. For those who can really master connecting and influence in todays time will be so much further ahead than others in business."

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3 Key Pieces To Remember

In real estate and as a real estate professional, it's important to make sure you build a steady client base full of referrals as an agent. You don't want to make the mistake, like most other agents who fail to even be able to do over 5 deals a year.

If you fail to create the important 3 key pieces below, then it may be time to get started on these immediately:

  • You must build trust.
  • You must have authority.
  • And you must have credibility.

If you want to take the 30 Day Authority Builder Challenge that agents are having massive success with (even being brand new) then you can sign up for free. Goes over best marketing strategies even for a new real estate agent and as a Realtor. 


When you can have these 3 key things in place, your business will continue to grow through word of mouth and your client base will rise.

People magnetize and psychologically like to work with people who have those 3 key factors. Would you like to work with a celebrity type of person who will get you results? Or a brand new agent who is just calling and asking for business?

One of the worse things you can ask people when meeting them is what they do for a living. Shocking right?

It's what almost everyone does and studies show people hate it. It's overused and more importantly over 80% of people HATE their jobs, so why would people want to talk about it!?

Instead, be different and ask them something like "What do you like to do in your spare time?"

Which will lead to them telling you things that they're passionate about and their hobbies which when you use the techniques like mirroring, which I will talk about will turn this person into a life long fan for you.

Don't be the person that's dying to tell them you're a real estate agent! Instead, wait for the other person to ask what your hobbies are or what you do in the spare time, which you should then answer with what you like to do THEN gradually introduce that you do real estate.

Real estate marketing is extremely important, only when you know the best way to do it.

Let's dive in the the psychological side of how to introduce yourself and be more memorable!

Using FBI Hostage Negotiation Tips In Your Business

There is a guy by the name of Chris Voss who teaches this in depth. His book here, is the handbook to being the best negotiator. The best and biggest strategies to know in the teachings are as follows:

  • First is a technique called "Mirroring".
  • Second is "Tactical Empathy".
  • Third is what's called "Labeling".
  • Beware "Yes" Master "No". Getting someone to say yes can be one of the worse things you can do.

Now you're probably wondering, what does this have to do with introducing yourself as a real estate agent?

Well, what if you could have almost everyone you talked to hang on your every word, immediately start liking you and always remember you as someone who really cares and listens?

Do you think they would love to use you as their real estate agent or refer their friends & family to you? Most definitely!

As a real estate professional, your first impression, even if it's through marketing or in first person, needs to get your prospect to form an opinion on why they would use you for their real estate needs when everyone knows first and foremost that there is not an agent shortage in most areas. 

How To Use These Techniques As A Real Estate Agent

Starting at number 1, this may seem tough at first but when you keep practicing it will become second nature like it has for me.

These techniques help me to close high ticket deals over the phone for the companies I work with even when the traffic is fresh and new to the program...It's powerful.

Step one: Mirroring

This isn't about mirroring body language. But more importantly it's repeating typically the last 3-4 important words someone may have said.

What this does is get the person talking more which leads to them giving you information that most others would never get or you may have missed by not asking key questions.

Being a real estate agent means your in a very face to face, personal atmosphere.

Example from the question earlier:

"What do you like to do in your spare time?"
"I'm a big football fan and love the Ohio State Buckeye's."
Mirroring- "Ohio States Buckeye's?" Tonality is key here.

That's why I want to link to one of the best interviews that I watch daily, that will explain all these techniques in depth.

Guarantee you'll be addicted to learning this and it will blow you away.

When you mirror someone, it gets them to keep on talking. When you're doing it correctly, you're getting the other side to talk about things they like, or give you information that can be extremely important for what you're looking for.

You'll begin to realize that people will enjoy talking with you and be more open to working with you or sending referrals your way. Watch the video so this will all make sense. 

Step Two: Tactical Empathy

Chris Voss calls this "Emotional Intelligence on steroids."

It will make sense when you watch the video to see it in action, but what you're doing is feeling the emotions of the other side you're talking to and then being able to let them know you understand and connect with their mind and emotions through labeling.

Being in real estate as an agent or Realtor, you know buying and selling a home, or dealing with anything real estate related can be the most stress full event for someone.

I'm incredibly thankful I found this and started using these techniques. If you can learn to truly master these skills, the rest of your life will be exciting whenever you're talking with people and it's fun to do.


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Step Three: Labeling

You're going to learn this strategy very well when you watch the videos that Chris has out there.

He even has a few where he does events and explains to all the real estate agents how to use these specifically for their profession.

Labeling is highly affective in the way on how it effects the persons brain when it's said to them.

Let's go back to the conversation before about how the person talked about football. After mirroring them and them talking more about what they're passionate about, you would use a label to show them you understand this is extremely powerful.

I would say "It seems like you're a really passionate fan of football" then silence is key. You always want to have silence after a label because once it registers in their brain, they will give out even more information and really start to like and connect to you.

Stay away from using "I" as that will bring peoples guard up and using "I" is also telling this person (Whether they realize it or not) that you're more interested in yourself.

Saying "I'm hearing that" vs "It sounds like" will make a major difference in your conversations.

Labeling always starts with the following:

  • It looks like.
  • It seems like.
  • It sounds like.

This is one of the most effective tools that you will learn how to use when you read his book and start watching these techniques in action.

Wrap Up

I could create a massive article on this but overtime, as I was learning these strategies, reading the book as a hand guide and also watching it actually be used in action has been the biggest game changer for me.

It's allowed me to take my social/ interaction game to a new level and gain the experience needed to sell more. These strategies give you the potential to beat your competition.

So be sure to get his book here and also watch one of the best interviews he did that explains all of this.

I guarantee when you start using these strategies effectively then your life will change. 

*This article contains affilliate links in which if you decide to buy through them, then I will receive compensation at no additonal cost to you.