This Deal Driven app review is a tool that was recently brought up to me and I did some research on it, watched their webinar on Youtube because I saw people in the real estate investing world talking about it. I also have seen people getting it mixed up with another app that investors use. 

I'll cover a few important things here real quick in this deal driven app review and actually give you a killer recommendation you can check out for your real estate investing business that may work better. 


Screenshot from the Deal Driven site.

Deal Driven App Cost

The Deal Driven App costs $49.95/mo but has quite a few optional features that will run you more per month. Things like automatic google street view of the properties that you look up, direct mail campaigns and more.

Deal Driven Vs Dealmachine

So it seems some people are getting these 2 apps mixed up.

Deal machine is an incredible and extremely popular app for real estate investors to use if they do driving for dollars. You can actually check out the review I did of Dealmachine. There's also a code to use where you can get free credits to use deal machine on me. 

Deal Driven is more of an all out tool that covers a lot of different areas like in the features photo above. I couldn't really find too many people who say they're currently using it or used it in the past. 

I would definitely visit their site to learn more. It seems very similar to another popular tool a lot of people are using to generate hundreds to thousands of motivated seller leads every day. 

I did a review of that tool called Freedomsoft you can check out. 


Deal Driven seems promising and you should watch their webinar on Youtube if you're interested in seeing a demo of it in action. 

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